Tribute: You are My Why.

Today, I cried as I remembered you now reside in the sweet by and by. But tears didn’t consume my reminiscing… let me tell you why.

I recalled the moments we spent together full of laughter, joy, and your good ole’ cooking… I’d smell the aroma and hurriedly come looking!

I just wish we had more days like this but apparently you had to go… When I see you again, TRUST you’re gonna have to let me know [something]!

I loved you then and I love you still, our “big sister-little brother bond,” is forever sealed…

You said, “I love you sis” and I replied, “I know you do.”

You thankfully expounded …”I appreciate you taking the time to come visit me because I know you didn’t have to!”

I attempted to hit you and you dodged my playful affection as I said, “Come on bro we’re family, it’s all love and that’s what we do.”

You held on for us, you fought so hard, Bro… and you gave your best! But after a while, we knew we must let go and allow you to rest.

While I sat and waited, I’d rub your forehead, caress your face, and quietly hold your hand… I cannot lie, and I won’t because I didn’t agree nor did I understand this part of “God’s plan!”

Surprisingly you lifted your head and kissed my left index finger… As your actions proved you desperately wanted to linger.

AJ…there are days when you’re heavy on my heart and I sink deeply into my feelings as I yearn for your presence.

My aching to hear your voice and your laughter is so overwhelming, my unstoppable tears fall, as my heart is wailing!

It’s in these moments, I take a look at my hands, and I remember your undying affection and I too kiss my left index finger… your memory helps me to stand!

I can hear you say… “I love you sis, and I respond… “I love you too” So yes, I cried today because you’re my little brother and from your birth I’ve always held you.

Right now my arms are empty, but my heart is delightfully filled, you see, it was in my arms that I used to hold you and now, you dwell in my heart and it is there that I hold you… still!

I love you AJ. Forever in my heart!

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