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Tonya T.

Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist & Healing Advocate

One of my greatest joys, being gifted with a beautiful baby boy, became my greatest defeat, having to return that gift to the Father, after 17 years. I have taken many avenues to recovery and I must say that this service was a KEY ELEMENT in my healing process.

What My Clients Say:

BEYOND GRIEVING, LLC specializes in grief recovery and helped me to understand a more pliable definition of grief, as well as the normal emotions, levels, and inappropriate behaviors we indulge because of it. I believe this program will be helpful to anyone who has suffered from any kind significant emotional loss, no matter how great or small they may think it is. If you’re still feeling the effects from a loss, be it a death, divorce, or other; begin the journey of discovery to find your path to recovery.

Not only is this program awesome, Tonya T. Edwards is the epitome of “a heart with ears”. She listens intently and without judgement. Not only will she instruct and guide through those experiences, but she walks through the experience with you. I am very thankful to have had this opportunity with such a kind and caring person. Although I will love my son forever, even beyond death and this world, the process of grieving his loss will come to completion. ~K. Carr, Ocala, FL

“In The Nick of Time”! No one will ever know what I’ve been through or how broken and hurt I was. I was at my lowest point and didn’t know where to turn, it was at that moment that God intervened and sent me to you. You truly are God sent! The tools I’ve learned from this course to not only get past the hurt, but to live my life to the fullest while going through the hurt is something that I didn’t think was possible. Thank you for your kind, patient, and nonjudgmental approach throughout our sessions. You were so professional, honest, and remained confidential. Thank you! I highly recommend, Beyond Grieving ❤ ~G. Daniels, Hawthorne, FL

Today I’m a witness that God can answer prayers if you’re steadfast and obedient. I’ve been dealing some emotional baggage with myself that I brought into my marriage. I thought I was healed, but definitely had some deeply rooted stuff that wanted to linger.
Before this baggage ruined me and my marriage, I decided to talk with someone about my personal issues; her name is Tonya T. Edwards, she is a Grief Recovery Specialist. When you think of grief, you think of losing a loved one, which she can help you with as well, but I was grieving over a lost childhood and trust. It was more that I discovered about myself, but this was the top.
She has been a blessing to me and my life. My mind was made up when I decided that I wanted complete healing, and God used her with her abilities to navigate me to a place of understanding myself and unexpectedly, my husband. We talked about the things that happened to me and the loss I experienced from childhood to adult age.
Exposing what was hidden; myself…I was able to see myself for the first time in 38 years, I feel so free today! I can look through a clear lens of my life and walk with a new confidence. I encourage you to seek help if you’re dealing with anything that may hinder your walk with God, yourself and/or your spouse. If you’re in need of someone to talk to, and need a little guidance, she can help you. ~C. Byrd, Gainesville, FL

Hey, I want to commend you on the beautiful job you’ve done with my grandson. He opened up to me and shared the letter you had him to write to his grandfather, of course I cried like a baby. He said it really helped him and he’s really happy with the way you did things and getting him to open up about his feelings. I wanna say Thanks and I’m going to make sure that people know about you and your success in handling this type of stuff. We love and appreciate you!!! God Bless!!! ~T. Floyd, Hawthorne, FL

Ms. Tonya, I just want to say, Thank You! I was going through a lot. I was fighting with myself and I lost every time; had issues with my daughter, my parents and just life in general. I needed some serious help, I needed to talk, and was introduced to you and Beyond Grieving. You made time to listen with an open heart, so please accept my endless gratitude. I appreciate your time and your business. I’ll be forever grateful. Thanks for allowing me to take my time and helping me get control of my life.💖
~C. McCray, Williston, FL

After the death of my mom, I suffered from immeasurable grief. She passed two weeks before my 29th birthday, and it was like I died when she did. My marriage was failing, and I wasn’t close to my family, so I was alone. It was like life was suffocating me. I tried prayer, antidepressants, drugs and alcohol and nothing worked. Death seemed like my only way out.
Then I met Tonya T. Edwards, and let me tell you she was God sent! She helped me realize that I wasn’t just grieving the death of my mom, but also parts of my childhood, what felt like the end of my marriage and where I thought I would be by age 29. I was completely sick with grief and Tonya gave me the tools I needed to get over it and use with future pains I would face. I highly recommend going to Tonya if you’re having a hard time dealing with grief of any kind. There is help. Death is not the answer, healing is! So, contact her today. I promise you won’t regret it. ~G. Byrd, Gainesville, FL

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