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Tonya T.

Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist & Healing Advocate

Welcome to Beyond Grieving, where I am committed to helping you feel again, live again and laugh again. My name is Tonya T. Edwards, I am a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, and I help clients process through any type of significant emotional loss. This includes death, divorce/relationships, miscarriage, health and pet losses. I also take the journey with parents/guardians; assisting them with identifying that children grieve and how to carefully help them process properly.

Even after serving in this capacity for more than 15 years; it wasn’t until 2016, when my brother AJ died from heart complications, and I experienced the worst possible pain that I could have ever imagined, that I truly felt called to my purpose. And a few years later, I began my personal journey of becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist, and an advocate for the grieving. In 2020, I was Certified as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist by The Grief Recovery Method Institute, Bend, Oregan.

Prior to becoming an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, I worked in the area of Customer Care over a decade. Additionally, I’ve served as a Life Coach and eventually started a mentorship program for teen girls and young adult women.

My passion is to address the pain you carry in your heart because grief is not logical, it is emotional. My responsibility is to listen and let you know you are heard and everything you’re feeling is valid. My guiding principles are compassion, empathy and growth. My vision is to help you progressively heal, and my mission is to remain committed to you throughout our time together.

When properly equipped, you can manage the broad range of emotions you will experience during the grieving process. This includes accepting that everyone grieves differently, grief doesn’t have stages nor an expiration date, and lastly, if you have experienced the death of a loved one, they are still with you; however, the relationship has changed from physical to memory, you will never lose them.

I am honored that you considered Beyond Grieving during your most difficult time. We’ll get through this together, one session at a time…

I am a native of Hawthorne, FL, a tight-knit, family-oriented community, currently residing in Gainesville, FL. When I’m not on a journey with my clients, I enjoy travelling and taking sabbaticals at nearby beaches with my husband and best friend, Henry C. Edwards, II. Additionally, I have taken pleasure in being a mentor and public speaker for over 20 years, because helping people is what I love to do! When I am not working, I’m cheering on the Florida Gators Softball team… I believe that I am one of their most loyal supporters!

If you are in trouble and need my help, contact me!

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